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Matej Feguš

Matej Feguš
- Profile -

Matej Feguš joined manufacturing company Donar as a student in 1999. He eventually bought the company and used a modern entrepreneurial approach to develop it into one of the most successful and internationally acclaimed Slovenian companies. His company designs and produces ergonomically designed office chairs and sound furniture, for which they received several design awards. Feguš says that he is a traveler through life. He is inspired by pushing the boundaries of thinking among adolescents, so he loves to challenge and open minds in “TiPovej”, the institute for creative society. For several years he has been volunteering and mentoring in “Pogumni.Kreativni.Podjetni”, an initiative designed to encourage boldness and creative thinking among young people, as well as promoting the idea of entrepreneurial spirit as a positive value for an innovative and open society.

Matali Crasset

Matali Crasset
- Translator -

Matali Crasset is an industrial designer, a graduate of the Ateliers – E.N.S.C.I. After her initial work experience with Denis Santachiara and with Philippe Starck, she set up her own studio in Paris, called matali crasset productions. She considers design a form of research, working from an off-centre position that allows her to serve daily routines and trace future scenarios. With both a knowledgeable and naive view of the world, she questions the obviousness of codes so as to help her break these bonds. She currently works on participative projects, on a local and global level, both in rural and urban settings. From her meetings, creative workshops, discussions and common desires, she works with different project leaders who share the same conviction that these collective processes result in plausible social bonding scenarios.


Petra Bukovinski / Slovenia
Karolina Ferenc / The Netherlands
Annika Frye / Germany
Jurij Lozic / Slovenia
Pola Salicka, Marcin Liminowicz / Poland
Martina Obid Mlakar / Slovenia
Daniel Riegler / Austria

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