Slo· Eng
Guided tour of the exhibition Speculative
June 21, 2017

21 June, 17.00, Creative centre Poligon
Guided by: Sara Božanić from the Institute of transmedial design

The exhibition presents all relevant contemporary speculative works in Croatia that, although known by many names, fall under the category of speculative design. Although this selection is a Croatian selection, it can be seen as a larger overview of various global speculative practices (via various disciplines, schools, methods, topics and more). Through its radical, imaginative approach employing design as a medium, speculative design forces one to think: it raises awareness, questions, provokes action, initiates discussion, and may even offer some alternatives that prove essential in the world of today. The exhibition served as the official representation of the Republic of Croatia at the XXI International Exhibition of the Triennale di Milano, The 21st Century "Design After Design".

The exhibition is a part of BIO25 Associated projects programme.